Dreams Downunder - Truely 100% Australian Made Mattresses

We at Dreams Downunder are all about 100% Australian made mattresses. Many mattresses are now made overseas or the products are bought from overseas and are labelled 'Made in Australia' as this is were the mattresses are assembled. At Dreams Downunder we use locally sourced products and manufacture our mattresses in Melbourne. So when we say 100% Australian manufactured, we mean it! This ensures that our products are of the highest quality and comfort that you can rely on...... and the best part, we sell at a competitive price!

Safety should come first, especially when it comes to the mattresses our children sleep on. It is recommended that children do not sleep on memory foam mattresses as the contour fitting properties of these mattresses make it difficult for them to turn. Locally sourced fabrics ensures that our fabrics are not treated with cyanid as some internationally sourced fabrics are. Ever wondered why memory foam mattresses can smell when you open them up? It's because of the chemicals that have been put into the foam. Local sourcing also helps support local business and the local economy. Even with our high mattress manufacturing standards there is no need to wait for the next mattress sales, we offer the lowest prices on a daily basis. 

100% Australian, the best support and a quality nights sleep awaits. We believe in delivering traditional spring mattresses. Ones that don't fit in a box. We include free delivery within metropolitan Melbourne and we offer free recycling of your old mattress. We offer the best quality mattresses, one that gives you an ideal nights sleep and one that won't need replacing for many years to come.

Dreams Downunder...... Where dreams are made.

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