Online Mattresses - Dreams Downunder Launch

Well the exciting day has arrived..... Launch day......

Most of us put off getting a new mattress. If you think about it, we spend a third of out lives in bed, so why wouldn't you want it to be comfortable? A good night sleep is known to be vital for good health and well being.This all starts with a comfortable night sleep.

At Dreams Downunder we manufacture mattresses with comfort, affordability and reliability in mind. We are 100% Australian owned, all our materials are 100% sourced in Australia and all our mattresses are manufactured in Australia.

Some companies import there materials from overseas, and assemble them in Australia and they call this Australian made. We are all about keeping our local economy growing. We make quality Australian mattresses. There is also a health benefit to this, as our fabrics do not come from overseas and thus do not have cyanid in them.

Comfort, luxury and affordable. This is the beginning of affordable hassle free Australian Mattresses. Ordered online, delivered to your door for free within metropolitan Melbourne, and your old mattress taken away for recycling if you wish.

Dreams Downunder........ Where Dreams are made.

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